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Gage will donate 15% of her profits from Thankgiving to the Audubon Society




“The key to infinite wealth fluttered like a colorful flag at the finish line, so they raced past the breaking point and into the unfair world of cold-blooded murder.” 


Library of Congress Control Number:  2013919389 

ISBN: Hardcover  978-1-4931-1515-0

Softcover  978-1-4931-1514-3

eBook  978-1-4931-1516-7


 Thanksgiving is so fresh and dynamic, Gage Irving has grown a Venus Fly Trap; the browser lands and a tiny nibble ensnares them. The story exists on three levels; the pedestrians enjoy the emotional tensions in the entertaining plot and the more erudite flutter up to the second and third levels. Slyly sidling into the room like an undercover agent, the prologue tweaks the reader’s curiosity, followed by the first scene describing a lifelong division plunged between two of the major players.

     Physical descriptions abound, precise in awakening all the senses. Down and dirty realism allows every scene to erupt in full color in the readers mind. Starting out in black and white on the page, all the characters are quickly dipped into the rainbow pallette as well, rising off the pages as the first dimension inhaled to call in two more. Metaphorically actors now, the protagonists swirl out on the grand stage for universal applause.

     The gentle introduction is seductive enough to cling to you until the first jack pops out of the box to hold your hand like a dance partner and you foxtrot across the increasingly crowded floor. With more and more twists and turns, nothing collides and logic rules. Just below the surface, the chilling murder mystery is a morality play on greed, but that message stays in the deep end. Many of us are rafting through funereal financial straights and everybody needs a laugh in the dark, not a ruler across the back of their hands. Jet fueled by irony and pitch black humor, the yarn offers all voyagers another option, another door to open. Unhappily tied to the temporal wheel, we’ve given materialism an edge, so certain events in the plot line hinge on an eclectic spirituality that questions what is really important in our lives.


ISBN   hardcover    978-1-5245-8053-7

           softcover    978-1-4931-2043-7

                eBook    978-1-4931-2044-4

    In a widely held belief, a beneficial godlike force had a hand in the described birth of Jesus Christ honored on Christmas day, but God had nothing to do with the creation of his nemesis portrayed in the first scene of Noel. Pollution did. 

    A modern Frankenstein rises out of the Trash Vortex in the North Pacific Ocean with the power to finally pull us to heel.  It may be way too late. An intervention of a different sort is hinted at in the freakish accident in the middle of the gyre fusing a variety of ingredients together into warped life as the millennial ‘son of man’. Molecularly deformed, he instantly begins to devastate the natural world, and the mutating and changeable fellow’s toxic touch just keeps on growing.

    Attison Korybante was a commercial lawyer and Holly Donnelly’s guardian in Thanksgiving, the first book in the holiday series. In Noel, his abilities expand, and new facets within him rise to the surface under these dire circumstances. He goes to Washington to alert the politicians about the impending environmental disaster. Even with his money and his clout, he was still ignored, and things unravel at a frightening clip. 

    While Attison was in Washington, Holly Donnelly was on her cruise ship having a fundraiser to clean-up the oceans. During the benefit, kidnappers had gotten on board and abducted her. Keith Fischer, a famous marine technician, had been invited to the party. Using his paranormal abilities, he rescued her from the clutches of her captors.

    A friendship grew out of their explosive and uncomfortable meeting, and in the upcoming battle to save the world, it was going to be the only thing left to soothe them. As dissolution took control over more and more of the planet, they combined their skills in a life and death struggle. Assuming they had enough strength to take care of the situation on their own, Attison returned to his estate on an island off the coast of Maine.  

    Holly and Keith thought they’d found a silver bullet to destroy the chameleon-like Frankenstein, so they directed dredges to the troubled part of the Pacific. Their plans went haywire and they lost control when something they had not foreseen flared up with a vengeance. 

    Some of the things I’ve illustrated in the story are appallingly real. I implore you to help the effort to clean things up in the real world anyway you can. There are many organizations forming to repair the damage in our oceans.  Please support them.

Gage will donate 15% of her profits from NOEL to Green Peace


    One of the worlds most popular board games is brought to life in this collection of short stories by Gage Irving. In a game of scrabble, competitors from around the globe search for words that will give them the highest score on the board. These words are chosen for their point value and their definitions are mostly unknown even by the champions of the game.

    Gage selected nine different championship boards and one select private game for her stories. The strange juxtaposition of complex and unique words in the various games helped to develop the creative plot lines flowing throughout the collection. One of a kind, each story is like a snowflake crystalizing around the chance arrangements of extremely odd words endlessly flowering on rectangular duels.

    Using Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery and the supernatural to fuel the ten tongue in cheek tales, Gage used every single word created on each board. She had to juggle the influx of two letter words always built in the game. Scrabble Stories are entertaining and educational, as the twists and turns in each story take the reader on a roller-coaster ride only a game board as a construct would create. A truly new evolution has begun in the world of scrabble and Irving has built a fun tool to light up our knowledge of the English language. 

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